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(Error Code 75 or 76 Drive/Path error)

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All our programs have a setup option for the DRIVE/PATH. This tells the program where to look for data that was generated by the program. DRIVE tells the program which drive to look on for data (e.g. A:, B:, C:, D:, etc.). PATH refers to the subdirectory where the programs data is stored on the designated DRIVE.

When you downloaded and installed a program, then the install program used either the default drive (C:) or your designated drive for the DRIVE designation. On that DRIVE, it created a subdirectory just off the root directory named \RKOM where the programs are stored. Then it created a subdirectory just off the \RKOM subdirectory named \RKOMDATA where data created by the program is stored. So the full name of the subdirectory where your data is stored is C:\RKOM\RKOMDATA (if you used the default drive C:). The drive letter (C:) does not have to be entered if you are running the program on the same drive where the data is being stored. However if you are running the program on one drive and storing the data on another drive, you will have to enter the drive letter.

If you are networking computers, check our support page about drive/paths. Putting a drive letter in the drive/path could mess up your network setup.

The problems begin when a program user goes into the setup options of a program, selects the "DRIVE/PATH" option and then tells the program to look for data on the wrong drive or in the wrong subdirectory. Sometimes users try to retype the drive/path and make an error in typing (computers are non forgiving for typing errors). Sometimes a user has erased the drive/path and now the data is stored in the same subdirectory as the program. Sometimes a user has created another subdirectory for the data.

Some users have typed the correct drive/path but added a space or spaces after the typed letters and this causes an incorrect path. Use the backspace key to remove any extraneous characters or spaces after "\rkom\rkomdata". If the backslash (\) character after "\rkom\rkomdata" is removed, the program will automatically add it back on.

When the program is started it reads a file named path.??? where ??? is the characters used for the file extension of the program (e.g. for the invoice writer the extension is ivp so the file is path.ivp). If an error occurs reading this file, a bad drive/path could occur. Try restarting the program if you can't find your data. If this corrects the program, start backing up data more often and watch out for other problems - you could be experiencing the beginning of hardware problems.

If the data was stored in a subdirectory other than \rkom\rkomdata, and the DRIVE/PATH in the setup options is incorrect, you will have to find out what subdirectory the data is stored in. Windows 95/98 users can Click on START, then FIND (in Windows ME use SEARCH), then "Files or Folders" and type in the file name below to find out where the data was stored.

Invoice Writer       pointer.ivp
Inventory            pointer.inp
Accounts Receivable     data.arp
Accounts payable    accounts.pop
Customer followup       data.cfp
Appointments            data.atp
Profit Loss           lmonth.plp
Fleet Maintenance   vehicles.fmp
Used Cars               data.ucp
Preventative Maint.     data.pmp   
Daily Books C/stores    data.cbp
Daily Books Svc         data.sbp   
Daily Books Repair      test.dbp
Tow Records             data.tow

If you do not see the path for the files listed, click on view and then click on details. If more than one copy of a file is displayed, check the modified date to determine when the program last used that drive/path.

It is possible that the program was installed twice or more in two or more locations. Use Find/Search to determine where the program is located. You may be running the wrong program installation with the wrong DRIVE/PATH.

Invoice Writer         iv.exe
Inventory              in.exe
Accounts Receivable    ar.exe
Accounts payable       ap.exe
Customer followup      cf.exe
Appointments           at.exe
Profit Loss            pl.exe
Fleet Maintenance      fm.exe
Used Cars              uc.exe
Preventative Maint.    pm.exe   
Daily Books C/stores   cb.exe
Daily Books Svc        sb.exe   
Daily Books Repair     db.exe
Tow Records           tow.exe

The error code has also been reported when the program tries to write to a file where the attribute has been set to read only. Check all the files with the programs extension (ivp, arp, inp, etc..)for its attributes. This is done by right clicking on the file and then checking its' properties. The read only attribute is not done by R*KOM programs, so if it reoccurs look elsewhere (possibly a backup program or network program).





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